Four Springs Farm's beauty and rural setting makes it a wonderful place to get away from everyday concerns and hectic schedules. Intended primarily for low-impact campers who want to experience a taste of life on a farm, or who just want a quiet retreat, the campground consists of a few cabins and a number of secluded tent sites set into the edges and corners of fields and orchards. The seventy acres of fields, fence rows, streams and woodlands sit high on a southwest-facing ridge and look out over hills and valleys to the Green Mountains in the distance.

Guests at Four Springs Farm, Campground and Learning Center this season will have the opportunity to gain a better idea of what is happening on small family farms today. While relaxing in the peaceful environment of this spacious organic farm, people can observe the work going on in various places.

Facilities • All of the sites at the campground are nicely isolated from each other and are reached by foot no more than a hundred yards from parking.

Mountain View Cabin · Mountain View Cabin is a simple wooden building with four bunks. It has a high porch and a westward view across the valley. There is no electricity or running water in the cabin, but a comfortable wash house is nearby. Outside the cabin is a cooking area with a fireplace and picnic table.  Up to five guests: $65 per night

Water Music Cabin · Water Music is a cozy couples spot or comfortable quiet place for one person. It has a front porch and small garden as well as picnic table and fire pit.  One or two guests: $47 per night

Apple Hill Cabin ·New in 2016 is our Apple Hill Cabin sitting high above the farm with a view of the valley. It has several levels to fit into the hillside with a double bed on one level and a bench in the sitting room.  Up to three guests: $50 per night

Tent sites · Walk-in “essentially bug-free” tent sites are tucked away in private corners. Each has a fire pit and picnic table.  Up to five guests: $25 per night

Picnic Pavilion · Those who have a large group or would like to host an event may rent our picnic pavilion. The pavilion has hot and cold running water, a barbecue pit, picnic tables and great views.  Starts at $50 per day

Wash House · There is a central wash house with toilets and showers a short walk from any of the sites. Nearby is a water source for camp cooking, a firewood shed ($7 an armload) and a trash & recycling area.

Many features make Four Springs Farm a wonderful vacation place:

  • several springs, streams and ravines, large open fields and trails for hiking through wooded acres

  • quiet spots with spectacular views of the Green Mountains, fantastic sunsets, outstanding fall foliage and cloud & star panoramas

  • birds, wild berries, woodland and field

  • vegetable gardens, spring greenhouses, orchards, goats and poultry

  • friendly cats

Listing Location And Tips


3107 Gee Hill Rd, South Royalton, VT 05068, USA

3107 Gee Hill Rd, South Royalton, VT 05068, USA
Royalton, Vermont 05068
United States


  • Tent camping from $25 to -
  • Cabin camping from $45 to $65


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations • If a cancellation is made in a timely fashion we will be able to refund all or a portion of the deposit, but we reserve the right to keep all deposits.

Pet Policy

Pet Policy • We’re sorry, but since this is a farm pets are not permitted.

Other Policies


Arrival time is after 2 p.m. (and after 3 p.m. on Saturdays) but no later than 9 p.m.. Please check in when you arrive.

Children must be accompanied and supervised by adults at all times including “tag- along- on -chores” which you can arrange with Jinny for 8 am most days,

Since this is a working farm and because voices carry easily here, we ask that campers are quiet once it gets dark. Responsible consumption of alcohol is permitted.

Fires are permitted only in the provided fireplaces. Firewood is available for $7 an armload. Please do not gather or cut any on your own or bring it along with you.

Smoking and cooking is not permitted inside the cabins.

Your help is needed to maintain the beauty of the campground, so we expect our guests to clean up all trash around the sites they use. We also request that guests contribute to keeping the wash house and parking area tidy. There is a trash barrel and recycling crate at the wash houses.

We are not equipped to accommodate RVs or other camping vehicles.

Check out time is by noon. Thank you.


Linens / sleeping bags for the cabins and wash house - We have cold nights in these New England mountains so you are advised to come prepared.

Boots are recommended. There is no pavement on the farm. Some areas are often wet or muddy. Tall grass and woods areas are wet in the mornings from dew.

Bug Protection and Sun Protection - This is just the right habitat so we actually have VERY FEW MOSQUITOES and black flies and a nice breeze here most of the time sends those away, but you may want to bring some protection especially if you are here in the spring.

Flashlights, lanterns and /or head lamps are recommended for site or cabin use and walking around the farm at night.

All camping & cooking gear for preparing meals over the camp fire are your responsibility.

Four Springs Farm water is excellent! It is so delicious you might want to fill your jug to take with you when you leave.

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